About Elizabeth Armitage

 For over a decade I have worked as a portrait and wedding photographer covering areas of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and the Southwest. My business is based on the importance of working with my clients and creating photographs that are timeless, beautiful, and full of emotion.

I have been twice winner of the Westcountry Wedding Awards Classic Wedding Photographer in 2011 and 2012, finalist of this award again in 2013 and also a finalist in the 2014 Wedding Industry Awards for Southwest Wedding Photography. These awards are all based on feedback from previous clients so I feel the best compliment I can have regarding my wedding photographs and services.

I have one of the most amazing jobs. I get to be around happy people, stunning locations, amazing dresses and shoes, and create beautiful images. What more could a girl ask for!

A brief Bio…

A British girl at heart who grew up in the sunshine state, picked up the lingo but never got a tan. A romantic at heart , I'm also a little bit eccentric and a bit quirky. (I also talk to cats - rather a lot)

I was born in England, but grew up in Florida. I moved to Devon when I was 15 and almost immediately met my husband-to-be, we've been together pretty much ever since. (I told you I was a romantic!) We lived in the Southeast for a little while, but moved back to the Southwest, to Devon, 7 years ago, as it felt the most like home. We have a flat which we are continually renovating, and two little cats who keep us entertained.

I have always wanted to be an artist of some description, and when I started taking photographs, I knew it was the perfect medium for me. I studied photography at college and then obtained a BA Hons in Editorial Photography at the University of Brighton. I actually started photographing weddings at 17 as an assistant but set up on my own in 2007. I am always striving to improve my ability and skills as a photographer as well as the shape of my businesses and what I can offer to my clients.

Why I do what I do...

My why, the why I do this job, is because I find it emotionally rewarding. Being a photographer means I get to create images that make memories, and those memories can mean so much to someone. To be able to provide emotions, to make people happy, makes me happy. With weddings, you can spend so much on everything, but the one thing that lasts along with love, is memories. The images I take preserve the atmosphere, events, all the little interactions between loved ones, as well as all the little details you put your personality and so much thought into, and allow you to remember, relieve, and share them.

I love stories. I find it a thrill to meet new people, interpret their story at a single point in their life (perhaps a wedding, perhaps a birthday or other momentous occasion), and create a beautiful set of images that become a record to that fixed point in time. To encapsulate what that time meant to them and for them to be able to look back upon and treasure it.

To have a job that you can say you honestly love, well, it's a dream. And I guess that's me, I'm a dreamer. With the way I see the world, I use my camera to interpret the events and atmosphere around me, and create visual striking images that tell a story.
I am also a bit of a romantic, and love seeing people in love. Is love not one of the greatest inspirations, and reasons, of all...

Inspiration and things I love

I am inspired by love.

I love weddings.
I hugely love my job!

amazingly talented artist and photographers that I like include

Madame Yevonde
Frida Kahlo
Cecil Beaton
Francesca Woodman
Eve Arnold
Diane Arbus
Bunny Yeager
the list could go on...

Vintage fashion and images inspire me

I prefer the fashion of the 40s and 50s,
but love that I live in this day and age
and can choose to dress as I please,
with a different look each day if I feel so inclined

I'm a glass half full kind of gal
(I grew up in America - what do you expect!)

I can bake but not cook, but do love good food.

Oh and I adore a well made gin and tonic!

I love unusual shoes and pretty dresses...
but more then that I love the characters of strong women
that dare to wear what they want.

I love shooting arrows with my flat bow when not shooting with my camera.

I love my husband and the support he provides me fills me with joy.

As do my two little cats, Smudge and Baby Cat.

I love to photograph the beauty in life's little moments and the people that make these moments happen